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Bunker-42 Tour

Bunker-42 Tour

The "Bunker 42" was constructed in 1955 as command post of Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union.

It is better to use 54-meters deep stairway (which consists of 290 steps and 12 floors) to feel the depth of the bunker. The Declassified tour starts with a short film about Cold War. later on, you will be guided to the bunker's exhibition hall, where we'll tell you about purpose of the bunker and its communication facilities. You will realize how the facility could protect from all the factors of atomic explosion and feel the seriousness of nuclear world war risk. in addition, we will show how the staff members operated inside the bunker and display the facility's unique architecture. 

If you are interested in Stalin's controversial figure, " Bunker 42"tour is waiting for you. Since the “Bunker-42” is one of “Declassified” tour version from which Cold War documentary movie was excluded, but supplemented by Stalin's office. Finally, we'll show our special effects - imitation of nuclear bomb explosion and nuclear missile launch that definitely won't leave you indifferent!


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