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The design of the object began in 40-ies on the orders of Joseph Stalin. Existed at the time the object (now it is called "Stalin's Bunker") did not answer the new requirements of the protection against nuclear weapons, so it was decided to build more deeply located feature with enhanced protection. After the death of Stalin's bunker changed its assignment and became the point of control of long-range aviation. In 1956 the object with a total area of over 7,000 m2 was adopted by the state Commission.

Bunker-42 - Outpost in the heart of the capital, which is almost 30 years carried around the clock, providing security in case of nuclear attack.

For being on active duty to promote telephone and Telegraph communication at the facility worked daily from 100 to 600 people. The total staff employed at the facility people was more than 2500 people.

In the 60s Bunker-42 was fully equipped with everything necessary in case of nuclear attack. Stocks of food, fuel, the system of regeneration and purification of air and drinking water, could provide combat duty personnel for several months.In the late 80's nuclear tension gradually began to weaken, and Bunker 42 had lost its key importance for ensuring the country's defence.

Bunker-42 is a symbol of power and might of our Motherland. This is an object of our pride and admiration by the state, which could create it. And yet, this is a reminder about the vanity of any arms race and about the need for peace on Earth..