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On this day, when the world was close to a nuclear apocalypse, the Americans discovered the Soviet submarine B-59, which was deprived of radio communication with Moscow. The US military began to drop depth charges, signaling the submarine to surface for identification, but the Soviet crew did not know about this. The B-59 was equipped with a single nuclear torpedo with a capacity identical to that of the Hiroshima explosion. The blast wave from depth charges hit the submarine on both sides, believing that the Soviet crew was being attacked, the commanders argued about whether to launch a nuclear charge or not. The consent of all three commanders was needed in order to launch, in the end, two commanders said "yes", the torpedo began to be prepared for launch. It was a decisive moment, the last commander who did not agree was Vasily Arkhipov, a fateful choice fell on his shoulders. If he agrees, the whole world will be destroyed by nuclear war. The launch never took place, and on October 28, 1962, the submarine surfaced and peacefully sailed away.

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