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"Ballistic missile" 27.06.2021

"Ballistic missile"

It is a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile with a detachable warhead weighing 3 tons and a flight range of 8 thousand km. The first intercontinental ballistic missile in the world to be successfully tested and delivered a warhead to an intercontinental range (August 21, 1957). A modification of the R-7A with a range increased to 11 thousand km was in service with the Strategic Missile Forces of the USSR from January 20, 1960 to the end of 1968. On the basis of the R-7, a whole family of medium-class launch vehicles was created, which made a great contribution to space exploration - many satellites, starting with the very first ones, were launched into space on the launch vehicles of the R-7 family, and all Soviet and most Russian cosmonauts, starting from the first cosmonaut of the Earth Yu. A. Gagarin.

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