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Yuri Borisovich Levitan. Interesting Facts. 26.07.2021

Yuri Borisovich Levitan. Interesting Facts.

As a child, he was nicknamed the Trumpet - for his loud voice. The mothers of the boys who disappeared during the walk asked Yura to shout their names to their tomboys. The effect was like a megaphone, far away you could hear the rolling: “Vasya! Home-oh! "

He began his activity gradually, recording the text of an article in the newspaper Pravda — Stalin heard it on the night air. The leader liked the voice so much that he insisted on reading his report, prepared for the 17th Party Congress, for 5 hours and not a single mistake. After such a brilliant performance, Yuri Borisovich began to be trusted by the most responsible broadcasters.

On May 9, 1945, at 9.55 pm, Levitan announced on the air the text of the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the victory over Nazi Germany. The broadcast was supposed to be conducted from the studio of the Radio Committee located in GUM, but the announcer, even with the help of reinforced police and army outfits, did not manage to break out of the Kremlin through the crowd that had gathered on Red Square. Levitan tried to persuade people: skip, comrades, I have to go to work. And they laughed at him: "Well, where are you going, stay with us, now Levitan will announce Victory and there will be a salute!" As a result, the broadcast had to be conducted from a spare Kremlin radio studio.

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