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Our channel 12.09.2021

Our channel

Dear friends, we have opened our own telegram channel: "Bunker-42". This is a channel dedicated to the history of the Soviet Union from creation to collapse, which covers all the years of the life of the USSR, the life of our Bunker-42, the Cold War, historical events of the country, science and technology, armament of the Soviet army, everyday life of ordinary people.

Here you will find unknown historical facts, previously unpublished rare photographs of that era, author's articles, interviews with historians, experts and simply wonderful people from the team of the Bunker-42 on Taganka Museum.

We invite all people who love our country and who are not indifferent to the history of our Motherland to join our telegram channel.

You can subscribe to the channel and learn new things at the link https://t.me/b42coldwar

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