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Museum exhibits 19.12.2021

Museum exhibits

Bunker equipment

In the 50s, when our facility was built, communication was provided using telephone and telegraph cables. But the cable is expensive copper, and they had to be pulled for many kilometers. The more subscribers, the more cables. And Soviet engineers found a solution - compaction equipment. In one small copper core, it is able to compact up to 60 parallel communication lines - a copper cable in terms of its throughput was close to the modern one - fiber-optic. In our bunker there was a 60p compaction system - at the time of creation, a very perfect and extremely reliable equipment, protected from an electromagnetic pulse, with the possibility of hot replacement of any elements - if individual blocks fail, they can be replaced without shutting down the entire system.

Each visitor to our bunker can walk along the winding walkways at a depth of 65 meters and touch the miracle of the Soviet radio-electronic industry, simply by buying a ticket to our museum.

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