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Bunker technique 28.02.2022

Bunker technique

The era of the 1930s-1950s was marked by the rapid development of technology. The real symbol of this time was the telephone.

As you know, there were three telephones in Stalin's office: for communication with the guards on duty, a "turntable" with a disk for conversations in a narrow circle of high officials, and the apparatus of the first secret government Kremlin communications, reliably protected from eavesdropping.

Despite all the tricks, the secret telephone conversations of the highest officials of the state were repeatedly tapped, and one of the most famous models of the telephone set of 1958 is equipped with an eloquent inscription: “Attention! Secret negotiations are prohibited." Such plates were installed on all intercom devices where secret information could be leaked.

In "Bunker -42" you can see not only genuine telephone sets of those times, intended for secret negotiations, but also a real telephone and telegraph station.

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