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The life of the museum. 01.04.2022

The life of the museum.

Anatoly Fedorovich Zelenin became the guest of honor of Bunker-42, who shared with the audience his personal impressions about participating in the secret operation "Anadyr".

Anatoly Fedorovich told about an unprecedented case in history when the Soviet government decided to create in Cuba a unique grouping of troops capable of conducting independent combat operations at a distance of up to 11,000 km from the supply base and armed with atomic weapons.

To do this, in 1962, in conditions of absolute secrecy, a trip across the Atlantic Ocean of Soviet ships was carried out. With missiles, nuclear warheads, cars and other equipment. In fact, 43,000 military personnel have arrived in Cuba. Including our guest.

All this is only a small part of what you can learn by visiting the military history Museum, located in the center of the capital at a depth of 65 meters.

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