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Unique object in Bunker-42 29.06.2022

Unique object in Bunker-42

In block No. 4 of our legendary facility, there is a stationary control post of the headquarters of strategic long-range aviation.

Our visitors often have a question: “Why was the command post abolished?”. The answer is simple - in connection with the development of computer technology.

If in the 1950s command posts were equipped with tablets - giant maps, where manually, in real time, tablet users noted the current situation. And the command in the same way manually gave orders using radio and telegraph communications, then from the mid-1970s, many processes were automated.

Before anyone else, the most advanced branch of the military at that time, the strategic missile forces, was transferred to such principles of control. Then, in the 1970s, the so-called "UKP" appeared - unified command posts. They were equipped with computerized consoles, with the help of which only a few officers at any time could launch a group of intercontinental missiles anywhere in the world.

In our museum you can see a unique exhibit - a fully working model of the remote control in the original case. And also live to see the order of his work.

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