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Summer in Bunker-42 01.07.2022

Summer in Bunker-42

Did you know that the Taganka Bunker is an ideal place to hide from the summer stuffiness and heat?

And all because in the Cold War Museum and in the restaurant, located 65 meters underground, a natural constant temperature of +18 + 20 is maintained. Without the use of air conditioners! This ensures a comfortable leisure time with family and friends.

We invite you to educational excursions, during which the guides will tell the story of the creation of Bunker-42, guide you through the most interesting tunnels and introduce you to the life of the people who worked at this once secret facility. And for lovers of more active recreation, we offer a number of interactive programs and games - laser tag, fire tag and "ChZ-293" with elements of extreme sports.

You can find out more and sign up for a tour by phone: +7 (499) 703-44-55

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