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The functional purpose of any bunker is protection 10.08.2022

The functional purpose of any bunker is protection

Bunker 42 is primarily an anti-nuclear special facility. All of its systems - ventilation, power supply, the structure itself - were designed for a close nuclear strike, and the operation of the object in an autonomous mode in conditions of radioactive contamination of the surface. This explains the complexity and sinuosity of walkers inside it. This was done in order to extinguish the energy of the blast wave in the event of a nuclear strike.

In addition, it was necessary to manage the entire country in a difficult environment. In the 50s, when our facility was built, satellite and mobile communications did not exist. Communication was provided by means of telephone and telegraph cables. But the cable is expensive copper, and they had to be pulled for many kilometers to the Moscow region. The more subscribers - the more cables.

And Soviet engineers found a solution - compaction equipment.

It is capable of compacting up to 60 parallel communication lines into one small copper core - thus, in terms of its bandwidth, a copper cable approached a modern fiber optic cable. Communication systems also had to be protected from the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion. In our bunker there was a compaction system up to 60p - at the time of creation it was a very advanced and extremely reliable equipment, protected from an electromagnetic pulse, with the possibility of hot replacement of any elements - if individual blocks fail, they can be replaced without turning off the entire system.

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