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Knowledge Day 31.08.2022

Knowledge Day

According to the decree of 1930, all children aged 8-10 years old were to be admitted to school on September 1st. Each child was required to complete at least four years of elementary school. The Day of Knowledge became an official holiday only in 1984. And for more than twenty years now, solemn rulers have been held on this day, first-graders put on their school uniform for the first time, classmates meet after a long summer. And the path to knowledge begins again.

We congratulate all schoolchildren, students, teachers and parents on the new academic year! And we invite you to the exciting educational programs of Bunker-42: excursions "Vulture removed", "Confrontation", lessons in the museum, programs "Secret Bunker", "Caribbean Crisis", KMB, as well as interactive games "Zarnitsa", "Laser Tag", " Road Z”, “Biolaboratory-42”.

Museum "Bunker-42" works for you every day and seven days a week.

Registration for excursions by phone: +7 (499) 703-44-55.

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