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New children's program "Secret Bunker" 14.09.2022

New children's program "Secret Bunker"

A new children's program is opening at Bunker-42!

Young viewers will visit Block 4, which used to be the command center of the strategic air forces, and is now the largest museum of the Cold War, where you can see models of the very first Soviet atomic bomb, Soviet bomber and intercontinental ballistic missiles. And they will also go down to block number 3, which is the engineering part of the bunker. Learn about life support systems, tunnel construction.

The tour will be interesting and exciting: on the way, the guys will meet a real metro builder and an employee of the NKVD, who will talk about their hard work and the intricacies of an underground structure of this magnitude.

After the end of the program, children will have a question-and-answer quiz, which will help to consolidate their knowledge in an interactive form.

For more information and to sign up, call: +7(499) 703-44-55

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