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Ventilation system 28.09.2022

Ventilation system

The first 60 hours after a nuclear strike, Bunker-42 must be completely sealed. Ventilation operates in "PI" mode (complete isolation). All air ducts to the surface are covered with hermetic valves to prevent hot air and radioactive dust from entering the object.

After 60 hours, air from the surface begins to be taken in with the help of fans, the “FV” mode (filter ventilation) is switched on. The air is driven through 3 types of filters: primary (detains large radioactive dust), fine-mesh oil (detains the finest dust), filter-ventilation (from any harmful impurities).

When you come to us, you will be able to see all types of air filters, RDU regenerative units and the original fan with a motor.

We invite you to excursions and interactive programs in Bunker-42!

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