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From the memories of Bunker-42 07.10.2022

From the memories of Bunker-42

At a time when Bunker-42 was a secure closed facility, several hundred people worked in it. Today we want to talk about how the service was held at the facility.

The selection was the strictest. The first condition was education no less than secondary technical, and in the questionnaire, it was necessary to write even where the grandparents were buried.

The entrance to the facility was through the corner building and headquarters, on the second floor there was an accounting department, on the first floor there was an office. We went out into the courtyard, there in a large building there was a boiler room and a tunnel to the elevator.

Teachings were not uncommon: as soon as they give a command, everything is completely closed, sealed for three days. The autonomous air system is turned on, folding beds are placed in the corridors, on which those who worked the shift could lie down to rest. It was allowed to move only in extreme cases, so that the oxygen consumption was less, as in a submarine.

We invite you to see all this personally, feel the atmosphere and touch the history in our Bunker-42 Museum! Come!

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