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60 years of the Cuban Missile Crisis 12.10.2022

60 years of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Caribbean crisis. These two words are familiar to everyone. A thin thread separated the world from the exchange of nuclear strikes between the USSR and the USA, and no one could predict how the situation would develop. The planet was on the brink of nuclear war. Under these conditions - to save humanity from the impending threat

could only be the decision of the leaders of the two superpowers on the mutual de-escalation of the conflict. In those years, there was no developed computer technology and the Internet, and negotiations between the superpowers were carried out using telegraph and telephone communications.

But few people know that the telegraph machine by which N. S. Khrushchev corresponded with President D. F. Kennedy has been preserved - this is an RFT teletype produced by the GDR, model T 63.

It was with the help of him that a direct connection was established between N.S. Khrushchev and D.F. Kennedy, which averted the threat of a large-scale nuclear war from mankind.

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