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Taganskaya ring road 26.10.2022

Taganskaya ring road

Tagansky hill for the atomic bunker was the best fit. First, it was not far from the Kremlin. Secondly, it consisted of dense stony rocks and had a sufficient height. Work began in January 1950. On the same day when the Taganskaya-Koltsevaya metro station opened.

The task was not easy. It was necessary to provide the construction site with heavy-duty, ultra-reliable materials for tunnels and halls. According to the approved project, the service life of the "Object 02" was 400 years.

The station "Taganskaya-Koltsevaya" will become for many years the most "combat" station of the Moscow metro, which ordinary Muscovites, of course, did not even know about. Everything was done for the conspiracy. For many years, Muscovites did not even suspect that a secret object was located in this place. And in the surrounding houses, just in case, then they settled high-ranking military men.

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