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Employees of "Bunker-42" 16.11.2022

Employees of "Bunker-42"

Our visitors often ask the question: “What kind of people worked in Bunker-42, and were there women among them?”

Let us tell you: military personnel - soldiers and officers - were on duty in block No. 4. Among them were many young conscript soldiers who had the form of security clearance. The same servicemen also served block No. 3 - where all the engineering systems were located. In total it was up to 100 people per day.

Employees of the Ministry of Communications worked in the remaining blocks. Since the professions of a telephonist and telegraphist at that time in the USSR (and not only) were considered female - most of the employees of blocks No. 1 and No. 2 were women, and quite young at that - it was required to pass tests for typing speed, and show high efficiency.

Thus, more than half of the employees of Bunker-42 were women.

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