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Laser weapons in the USSR 23.11.2022

Laser weapons in the USSR

You say myth? No, this is reality. During the development of laser weapons in the USSR, it was decided that they would not be lethal. Its main purpose is self-defense and disabling the enemy's electronic and optical systems.

In 1984, as part of the Almaz program, a fiber laser gun was developed to protect the Soviet OPS (orbital manned stations) and DOS (long-term manned stations) Salyut from inspector satellites and interceptors of a potential enemy. Its damaging effect was to disable the sensitive elements of optical systems, including the human eye. And an important advantage over a conventional pistol in zero gravity was the lack of recoil. Now the laser pistol is a monument of science and technology and is exhibited at the Museum of the History of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces.

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