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Diesel power plant Bunker-42 30.11.2022

Diesel power plant Bunker-42

Diesel engines began to be installed in defense structures back in the pre-war period - these were small engines that could produce rather low power. But Bunker-42 required extraordinary solutions!

Therefore, it was decided to place three powerful marine diesel engines 6Ch45/13 at our facility, with generators of 600 kilowatts each. Such powerful engines were installed on submarines - they have sufficient power and reliability for long-term continuous operation. In fact - the bunker consumed electricity, like 3 diesel submarines!

For such a powerful power plant, an appropriate supply of fuel was also required - in our country it was about 100 tons, the storage occupied a good part of block No. 3. Fuel was supplied directly from the surface - at night, a filler drove up to an inconspicuous hatch, indistinguishable from a sewer one, and poured fuel to a depth of more than 60 meters.

The air for the operation of diesel engines was pre-cleaned, and the exhaust coming to the surface with the help of a complex system of pipes was dispersed and was invisible to those on the street.

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