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Full Isolation Mode 25.01.2023

Full Isolation Mode

We already wrote that in the first 60 hours after a nuclear strike, our facility is able to operate on batteries, since in the “Full Isolation” mode it is impossible to use a diesel power plant due to the lack of combustion air. The battery operation mode is very economical - only the emergency lighting is on, only the most important systems of the facility are functioning.

When batteries are charged with the help of current rectifiers, hydrogen is released, therefore, an independent hood is always made from batteries. But, in case of its malfunction, as well as in the case of the facility operating in full isolation mode, hydrogen afterburners are installed in the batteries.

Hydrogen is an extremely explosive gas, and its explosion inside a special facility will inevitably lead to disaster. Inside the afterburners there is an electric heating element, above it is a catalyst made of rare earth metals. At high temperatures, hydrogen is oxidized on the catalyst to water, and only safe water vapor comes out of the device.

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