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Exhibit at the Cold War Museum 01.02.2023

Exhibit at the Cold War Museum

Exhibit at the Cold War Museum

In the difficult conditions of a nuclear war, only the most reliable and high-quality equipment is needed. Soviet industry was not always able to provide it in full - therefore, they did not hesitate to buy it abroad, and not only in socialist countries. camps, but also in the west. Not only domestic telegraph devices worked at our facility, but also Western ones.

One of these is the legendary Siemens T100 model made in Germany. This model appeared in the Third Reich, but continued to be produced after the war. The main feature was that this is one of the world's first mass-produced roll teleprinters - no need to cut the tape with scissors and stick it on the form. The T100 immediately prints on an A4 roll. The device proved to be reliable and comfortable to use, and was supplied to many countries of the world. The Soviet Union had to purchase such equipment through third countries - for example, Yugoslavia.

Come to our museum and get acquainted with this and other imported and domestic exhibits.

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