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American engineers did not believe... 15.02.2023

American engineers did not believe...

January 31, 1932 launched the first blast furnace of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

American engineers could not believe that it was possible to build an industrial giant in such a short time. And when they were invited in 1929 for consultations on construction, the main emotion was the deepest amazement at what the inhabitants of the new Soviet country were doing.

How the metallurgical plant was created:

May 1925 - design of the Magnitogorsk plant.

November 1926 - approval of the construction site near Magnitnaya Mountain.

December 1928 - the design of the plant was approved.

March 1929 - large-scale construction, a railway line was brought up by June.

1930 - the time of unthinkable records:

-Launched the first blast furnace

- in 74 days, a dam was built to provide the plant with water, workshops were created.

1931 - records continue:

- blast-furnace, open-hearth and rolling shops are being built,

- the power plant is put into operation,

-launched a refractories workshop,

-coke battery.

On January 31, 1932, Magnitka became a real metallurgical plant - the first blast furnace was blown out, and on February 1, the first cast iron was produced.

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