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Bunker-42 at the exhibition "Intourmarket" 2023 19.03.2023

Bunker-42 at the exhibition "Intourmarket" 2023

This year, experts and investors from more than 700 companies from 72 regions and friendly countries participated in the international tourism exhibition "Intourmarket", which was held from March 13 to 15 in Moscow.

Roman legionnaires, pink pigs, heroes of the "Prisoner of the Caucasus," and suddenly an NKVD officer. What!? All three days of the exhibition, people who wanted to understand what is here were bursting to the stand of our museum. Many visitors experienced a failure in consciousness. They begin to look at the above-ground part of the iceberg - a modest stand with a smiling cuteness, leaflets and a NKVD officer in polished boots.

It turns out that the main thing is hidden at great depths. Almost eight thousand meters of the underground kingdom, a military history museum, one of the best in the country, play spaces that are unparalleled anywhere else, concert and conference halls, and even a restaurant with excellent cuisine (the favorite dishes of Politburo members). Did not hear? Now you know. Were not? Run! You will not get such impressions anywhere else!


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