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Dedicated to children. 25.01.2016

Dedicated to children.

Every year, "Bunker-42 on Taganka" is celebrating its own New Year, called "New Year. Part 3: Underground." This happens at the end of January and invited guests are employees of tour operators and travel agencies. This year we have done differently.

January 26th we held the event in cooperation with the organization "Immortal Regiment - Moscow" and dedicated to his children. We were invited students of the Moscow children's homes which took part in the extensive program of the Museum of the Cold War.

The event started with a tour that affected the history of creation of the bunker, covered the events of the Caribbean crisis and the nuclear arms race between the countries of the Soviet Union and the United States. Children were able to see a film about the Cold War, to participate in the launch of a nuclear missile simulation, and see a demonstration of the early warning of a nuclear attack.

After the tour, our guests were invited lunch, where they could eat and replenish energy after acquired experience. After dinner, gifts were - every visitor of our museum was able to get an exclusive commemorative souvenirs with the company's logo.

The output of a small child waiting for a flash mob. Each was given a balloon, which was 60 pieces. By the way, this number is not surprising, as this year marks 60 years of the project. At the command of all the balls were released into the sky. That's how we decided to jointly celebrate the start of the jubilee year "Bunker-42 on Taganka."

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