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Normandie-Niemen 10.05.2016


French aviation regiment "Normandie-Niemen" fought on the fighters during the Second World War.

Regiment took part in (participated) Kursk Battle in 1943, the Byelorussian operation in 1944, in the battle to defeat the German forces in East Prussia in 1945.

November 28, 1944, for services in battle and bravery at air battles during the fights for the liberation of Lithuania, and during the crossing of Neman River, by the order of Supreme Commander of the Soviet Armed Forces – Stalin, regiment was given the honorary name of "Neman", and since then, it was called the regiment "Normandy - Neman".

The descendants of pilots and mechanics of the legendary Air Regiment arrived in Russia on the eve of the Victory Day with an extensive program.

On the 7th of May in the Alexander Garden, they honored the memory of the fallen soldiers of World War II, laid flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

May 8 at "Bunker-42 on Taganka" they were on excursions, during which familiarized themselves with the expositions of the museum and on the exclusive special effects have felt atmosphere at the object in case of using nuclear weapons by the enemy. 


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