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Golianovo patriots 27.05.2018

Golianovo patriots

Here, at #bunker42 we pay a very close attention to youth’s patriotic education. A few days ago, the group of 9-10th grade students from schools of Golianovo district visited bunker as a part of military patriotic event, “The Great War Heroes”, which was supported by deputies of Golianovo municipality.

They had a tour around the museum, where after they successfully assembled and then took apart AK-47, as a part of Basic Military Training class. But we had a few more challenges for them to conquer, such as, labyrinth of underground tunnels- game space at #bunker42, where we made them sweat a little, shoot a little, and think a little. Afterwards, they had a “field ration” for lunch; and tired but very happy we sent them home.

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