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Dance of Death - New Exposition! 11.02.2019

Dance of Death - New Exposition!

From a height of 5,000 meters, the impassable jungles of Vietnam seem like an impassable carpet. The pilot is simply unable to see the rocket complex from such a height. The rocket flies to the target no more than a minute - in this short time the pilot must find the rocket and get away from it! It is not easy to get away from death flying at the speed of sound and there is only one way: to sharply throw the plane down and to the side, start the peak!

Americans called this maneuver “dance with death”, and the survival rate is zero!

You can get acquainted with the combat use of the S-75 anti-aircraft missile system by visiting the bunker-42 excursions in Taganka! Interactive layout located in the hall of communication!

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