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Not all the exhibits of the bunker you can see, some you just hear. 11.03.2019

Not all the exhibits of the bunker you can see, some you just hear.

UVB-76, or as it is called by radio Amateurs, "Buzzer" is a numbered short-wave radio station that has been broadcasting for 30 years at a frequency of 4625 kHz.

Basically, the "ether" of the radio station is clogged with buzzing noise, which, meanwhile, have their own rhythm and sequence of sounds. However, occasionally the station transmits words or phrases that at first glance may seem like a set of letters.

In Soviet times, when the first message on this frequency was supposedly heard (1982), almost 95% of the air was filled with buzzing and interference, and words and rare phrases were broadcast only once every few years. Interestingly, instead of completely stop broadcasting with the collapse of the USSR, UVB-76 became even more "active". Since the beginning of the 21st century, voice inclusions in its broadcast have become more frequent-now they can be heard almost every week, if not every day. Some believe that the wave coordinates the actions of Russian intelligence, others think that it can, if necessary, launch nuclear missiles. Nobody knows the exact purpose of the radio station.

You can hear the mysterious signal in the Museum " Bunker-42 on Taganka»

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