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Propaganda poster "Do not chat" 20.05.2019

Propaganda poster "Do not chat"

The story of the creation of the famous “rear” poster “Don't chat” by the artist Nina Vatolina is simple and family-like. In June of the 41st, the editor of Izogiz, Elena Povolotskaya, suggested that Vatolina should work out graphically the famous lines of Marshak:

"Watch your back!

On those days, they overhear walls.

Not far from chatter and gossip to treason, - and in a couple of days the required image was found.

The model for this work was a neighbor Vatolina, with which the artist often stood in one line at the bakery. So the strict face of an unknown woman to anyone for many years has become one of the main symbols of a country-fortress, permanently located in the ring of fronts.

In the exposition of Bunker-42 on Taganka, this poster hangs at the entrance to the museum part and sometimes foreign tourists perceive it as an action to behave quietly.

However, for all its simplicity, military propaganda posters published by millions of copies emit almost physically felt force, and the Soviet people will long be proud of the “weapons of the third front” of the Great Patriotic War. You can see this and other posters on excursions in the Bunker-42 museum.

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