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"History Legend"

You will have the opportunity to visit the historical museum complex " reserved command and control center of the strategic air forces of the Red Army of Stalin during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 . " Izmailovo " ( Stalin's bunker" ), which is a branch of the State Central Museum of Armed Forces. 

The creation of this object refers to the 30 -th years of the twentieth century. Its construction was part of the state program of defense of the USSR. The object is connected to a 17- kilometer underground road to the center of Moscow.

On the way from " Stalin's bunker " to " Bunker -42 on Taganka " you will have an observing tour of Moscow city.

After visiting the " Stalin's bunker " in Izmailovo you can visit the command post of Long-range air force (Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union) , which was built in the 50s . "Bunker -42 Taganka " - a huge underground facility over 7000 m2 , located at a depth of 65 meters , in the heart of Moscow . “Declassified" tour, is dedicated to the history of the nuclear resistance.

You will learn how the bunker protected from all factors of nuclear weapons destruction , realize a real closeness of World War III to start. You will feel as a part of this object , learn how staff members worked and lived at that period of time and see the amazing architecture of the legendary Museum . You will be shown a film about the Cold War ,which were strictly secret several years ago. Moreover, our exclusive special effects will demonstrate you an imitation of a nuclear bomb explosion and the launch of a nuclear missile.

At the end of such informative program , you will have a lunch in one of our military rooms.