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The Russian international multilingual information channel RT (Russia Today) filmed a story about the Bunker 42 museum for the program “The Art of Living”.

Which tells about the modern cultural and social life of Russia, the iconic places of Moscow, history, science, etc. Restaurant "Bunker 42" entered the material about the most original restaurants and cafes in Moscow!


Chinese state news Agency Xinhua (Moscow Bureau) at the request of Beijing produced TV-movie about the symbols of Moscow and the important places of the city. This list included the Museum "Bunker-42 on Taganka" as one of the truly momentous and interesting places in the capital.


Moscow Museum of the cold war the "Bunker-42 on Taganka" – the real Soviet bunker at a depth of 65 meters underground is ready to receive tourists from China in accordance with the criteria of the program ChinaFriendly. Information in Chinese language, tailored tours and much more will attract to the Museum even more visitors from China.


Urban non-stop news channel "Moscow 24" operationally deployed and covers the main events of city life. At the moment, the program is actively carried out the shooting "Life in the big city." One of the issues is dedicated to the development of tourism in the capital. It is in this show is a story about a variety of excursion programs taking place in the museum of the Cold War.


Japanese broadcaster NHK is one of the largest in the world. According to surveys, NHK considered a national treasure of the country.

For its educational channel NHK conducted in March 2016 shooting at the Museum "Bunker-42 on Taganka".

The plot was created for the program "On the space best."


168 hours - one of the largest weekly newspapers in Bulgaria, which comes out every Friday. The release of 16 February 2016 on the official website of the newspaper published an article and a video review of the "Bunker-42 on Taganka"

" „Бункер 42“ е Музей на Студената война, разположен в центъра на Москва. Днес e съвсем възможна разходката из съоръженията, за да се научи за историческата ядрена конфронтация между двете суперсили."


Russia Beyond the Headlines - international project "Russian Newspaper", which produces since 2007 the monthly supplement about Russia inside influential media (The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, La Nacion, Le Figaro etc) published the video about the museum "Bunker-42".

"The "Bunker 42" is a Cold War Museum, located in the center of Moscow. Today you can tour the facilities and learn about the historical nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States." - Ilaria Kantorova, Pavel Gazdyuk.


17 edition of TV program "NEFAKT" titled: "The Cold War and Bunker-42"

"The main theme of this edition was the Cold War, a perennial stand-off between the United States and the Soviet Union, leading Andrew Burkovsky, spoke about the reasons for confrontation, as well as analyzed the likelihood of a nuclear war in the modern world peculiar card of our story has become.." Bunker-42 on Taganka "- one of the most impressive declassified Soviet-era facilities. Its history, starting with the construction, is inextricably linked to the Cold war and the creation of nuclear weapons. in fact, it is one of the first bunker that can withstand the blow of the atomic bomb. also in this issue has been touched upon international espionage, thanks who managed to avoid a global catastrophe. " - Revision of TV channel "Star".


World Day of mobilization against the threat of nuclear war is celebrated January 29 - the day in 1986, during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, was adopted the Delhi Declaration on Principles of a nuclear-free and non-violent world. In the center of Moscow at the depth of 65 meters it is a unique object - a museum of the Cold War "Bunker-42" or "Stalin's bunker."

With the way things are going, it might be time to start brushing up on your Cold War history. The Moscow Times, always a step ahead, has investigated the best of the Back to the U.S.S.R. museums in the city. These are the museum versions of highest-ranking officers present and correct, so be sure to polish your boots, scrub up well and pay close attention. Not too close though, as you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a foreign spy now.

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Moscow is rich with its museums. And in which of them you can go and look at her story only from a different angle? Bunker-42, the Museum of corporal punishment, astronautics and Experimentarium will share their collections with the Muscovites in the "City Report".


The most of deepest declassified bunkers in Moscow and one of the deepest in the world is the one that is located near the metro station "Taganskaya". Work on the project was conducted since the 1940s by order of the Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin. The bunker was completed in 1956.

In the night at the end of the world December 21, everyone could take part in the campaign to save the wich was organized "Bunker-42 on Taganka." The guests were expecting extreme tours, travel through the narrow unlit tunnels and lectures of scientists and psychics.

The New York Times

MOSCOW — Stand in a dark tunnel as a red light flashes overhead and an air raid siren howls.Pose for a selfie in front of a wax sculpture of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the tyrant who helped start the Cold War by insisting that Russia dominate its Eastern European neighbors. Launch nuclear Armageddon — or at least a simulation of it — against the United States.


Bunker 42 - an outpost in the heart of the capital, which is nearly 30 years was carrying clock duty to ensure the safety of the country. Its design began in the Soviet Union by Stalin, after testing of the first Soviet atomic bomb. During the Cold War bunker it was fully equipped with everything necessary.

Bunker №42 (Moscow, Russia)
A five minute walk from the station "Taganskaya (ring)" is an inconspicuous two-story mansion. From conventional mansions it differs primarily from the fact that on the first floor there are no windows. No windows for a simple reason - the sole purpose of this house was to hide the concrete dome of 6 m in thickness. That, in turn, protects the shaft leading down to 60 m.

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РБК daily
The era of the Cold War, when the world stood on the brink of self-destruction, now seems a distant past. Time reveals many mysteries of days gone by, and now join the history of confrontation between the USSR may not be digging into a pile of books. In Moscow, near Taganka Square is located "Bunker-42", the world's only museum of the Cold War.

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Michael Zhebrak invites viewers to walk through the streets and lanes of Moscow, where each house can be an occasion to discover the story. Each transmission is transformed into a fascinating journey - not only the streets, but in ancient times.