Патриотическое воспитание

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Love to your homeland is not possible without knowledge of the history of Russia and the USSR. Since the question of patriotic education is a global, it is considered at the state level.

Solve the problem of patriotic education is not possible without the formation of the younger generation conscious attitude to the country, its past, present and future.

маршрут победы

Museum "Bunker - 42" of its historical significance and the value of life is the period of the Soviet Union in the most difficult situation of confrontation with NATO countries in 50-80 years of the twentieth century. 

Now, when there is a potential threat to return to the days of the Cold War "Bunker - 42" at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments attend international delegation composed of prime ministers, ministers, ambassadors, military attaches and the international delegation of students and youth.. 

Our museum includes in the national presidential program "Routes of Victory." We are part of this program thousands of young people of our country and teach the historical understanding of patriotic unity of the people, the country's might and heroism of every citizen to perform heavy daily work for the benefit of the motherland.

Dear friends!

Our entire team is proud to present "The bunker - 42 on Taganka" - the only museum in the world of the Cold War!