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Our facility 11.07.2021

Our facility

Our facility is one of the first anti-nuclear bunkers in the USSR - its first technical project appeared in 1947, long before the first Soviet nuclear tests.

He could provide a safe location and working conditions for 600 employees of the Ministry of Communications, as well as soldiers and officers of the Soviet army for a period of a month, in the conditions of the enemy's use of weapons of mass destruction.

The GO 42 bunker was part of the most important system of state administration and the armed forces in conditions of total nuclear war - in particular, it provided 71 telegraph lines, a linear control room for 260 channels, MTS for 180 communications, radio broadcasting equipment for 18 programs, automatic telephone exchange for 3000 numbers.

It was our facility that could become a refuge - and a spare working space for the Minister of Communications of the USSR and his staff.

There was also a communications center for the headquarters of the Air Defense and Long-Range Strategic Aviation - for 30 years, soldiers and communications officers were on duty here, guarding the peaceful sleep and life of Soviet citizens.

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