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"The founder of our facility" 01.08.2021

"The founder of our facility"

Who can be considered the “father” of our bunker?

In this photo Colonel-General of the Signal Corps, since 1948 Minister of Communications of the USSR ND Psurtsev.

It was he who submitted for consideration to the Council of Ministers of the USSR a project of an invulnerable HF cable ring, the central part of which was our facility. He also supervised the development of the project and the deadline for the construction of our booker. In block number 2, where today the deepest underground restaurant in Europe functions, in Soviet times there was a government unit intended for the work of ND Psurtsev and his staff in wartime.

The second photo shows a document signed by L.P. Beria on the consideration by the Council of Ministers of the USSR of the project for the construction of our facility, as well as facility 03 on Kievskaya and the entire cable ring of communication along the radial metro line.

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