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Bunker-42 and groundwater 13.07.2022

Bunker-42 and groundwater

Few people know about the difficulties of operating the Bunker-42 facility, located at a depth of 65 meters, in a very difficult hydrogeological environment - among groundwater, the pressure of which at depth is much higher than at the surface.

Soviet engineers - metro builders have been looking for ways to deal with groundwater since the mid-1930s. In the Bunker, both passive waterproofing (a layer of tar behind concrete structures) and a developed drainage system for pumping groundwater were created, which made it possible to cope with incoming water both in peacetime and in full autonomy, even if the "outboard "The water will become radioactive.

Pumps continue to operate in Bunker-42 today, pumping out about three tons of groundwater every day. And each visitor can carefully examine and even touch the drainage pump in the exposition of the Museum of the Cold War.

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