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Submarine & anti-nuclear bunker 29.07.2022

Submarine & anti-nuclear bunker

The Bunker-42 team congratulates our valiant sailors and veterans on the Day of the Navy! We wish you good health, family well-being, good spirits and new successes in military work for the benefit of our Fatherland!

Nuclear submarines are some of the most expensive and sophisticated ships patrolling our oceans. Just like in anti-nuclear bunkers, boats have an acute issue of life support, namely, maintaining a constant level of oxygen.

Submarine equipment extracts oxygen from that which is not lacking - water. The internal screw pumps 20,000 liters of water per day into the tanks, where it is distilled to get rid of metal impurities and salts. Next, the water is pumped to the air purification compartment, where a pair of electrolyzers is located. They pass electricity through distilled water, separating it into its elements - hydrogen and oxygen. This solves the problem of providing the oxygen that the team inhales.

The next problem is what people exhale. After all, with each exhalation, the space is filled with poisonous carbon dioxide. Air is forced through a mechanical gas absorber. These plants absorb carbon dioxide.

Similar installations, called "RDU", were located in Bunker-42. They allowed to be in complete isolation mode for up to 64 hours. At the moment, such an installation in its entirety is stored in the exposition of our museum.

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