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Why is our bunker called "42"? 24.04.2023

Why is our bunker called "42"?

Many people are wondering: - why is our bunker called "42"? Everyone has their own version - someone believes that this is an ordinal number, and someone believes that this is the year of construction of the bunker.

In fact, there is no way to guess here. 42 is the code designation of the Ministry of Communications, assigned to a part of our facility in 1964. Before that, it was simply called object 02, and it really was an ordinal number.

But this is not the whole truth - block No. 4, where the Moscow air defense command post was located since 1953, and since 1956 - the control point of the Long-Range Aviation headquarters - was generally considered a separate object - it was called "Object No. 20 of the USSR Ministry of Defense".

Moreover, different employees at different times of the service knew our bunker under different names. Among them are "CHZ 293", "CHZ 572", "Snowflake 10" and others. To find out what all these names mean, come on an excursion to our museum - its doors are always open to curious visitors.

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