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Intelligence and Information Center of Long-Range Aviation 28.04.2023

Intelligence and Information Center of Long-Range Aviation

Our museum presents the reconnaissance and information center of long-range aviation - an important element of the strategic security of our country. Now we would call it an analytical center. All intelligence information flowed here, processed and transmitted to the operational control room, where, in turn, one or another decision was made on the basis of the data received from here.

The combat readiness board on the wall on the right shows the number of bombers we have at our disposal. It also provides information on the number of losses. Below it is a map of nuclear strikes and the radiation situation.

All airfields and long-range aviation bases are marked on the extensive map of the Soviet Union. There is glass on top of the map, so that if necessary, draw the affected areas directly on it, and mark the number of losses on the light board.

Using the remote control in the middle of the room, it was possible to establish communication with any long-range aviation base or airfield, and even with a separate side.

At the back of the room there is a map of Europe, where the locations of American nuclear weapons are marked. Here, nuclear weapons carriers are schematically indicated - aircraft carriers, aircraft, missiles, nuclear weapons depots - both operating and planned for deployment. Another map informs about the composition and deployment of the US Armed Forces on a global scale.

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