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Day of Slavic writing and culture. 21.05.2023

Day of Slavic writing and culture.

We wish our culture to flourish, we continue to learn the history of our people and keep the heritage of our ancestors for future generations. May the spirit of Slavic culture always stay with us and inspire us to creative achievements!

The Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture is a holiday celebrated on May 24th. This day is associated with the creation of Slavic writing and the Slavic alphabet by the brothers-enlighteners of the Slavs Cyril and Methodius.

Initially, the script was called Glagolitic, and it was used mainly for writing liturgical texts in Slavic languages. Glagolitic was later replaced by Cyrillic.

These days, festive events and concerts, exhibitions and competitions dedicated to the art, literature and history of the Slavs are held everywhere!

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