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Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marsha Agaltsov Ph.A. 15.06.2023

Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marsha Agaltsov Ph.A.

Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marsha Agaltsov Philip Alexandrovich

During the leadership of Long-Range Aviation, Philip Aleksandrovich repeatedly visited the reserve command post, which houses the Bunker-42 Cold War Museum.

In his youth, he took part on the fronts of the civil war, where he fought with the White Poles and the Makhnovists. From 1937 to 1938 he participated in the Spanish War as Air Commissar of the Spanish Republican Army.

From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, Philip Alexandrovich on the North-Western Front participated in defensive battles in the Baltic states, commanding the 50th Aviation Bomber Regiment.

During the Battle of Kursk, the Belgorod-Kharkov operation, in the battles for the Dnieper, as well as in the Kirovograd, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky and Lvov-Sandomierz operations, he made dozens of sorties to attack enemy troops and facilities on an Il-2 aircraft.

After the end of the war, he continued to serve in the Air Force. In April 1962, at the age of 62, he was appointed commander of Long-Range Aviation.

Already in October 1962, Philip Alexandrovich had to solve problems in the face of the likelihood of a nuclear conflict in the Caribbean crisis.

In the early 1960s, the Long-Range Aviation received the Tu-22 supersonic long-range bomber, a modern missile armament for destroying sea and ground targets.

Ensuring the security of the country required the hard work of commanders, headquarters, and long-range aviation command and control bodies, which employed high professionals who had rich front-line experience.

This experience was a good help in the work of the commander. The personnel performed successfully the tasks of mastering new equipment and weapons.

Long-range aviation has become all-weather, supersonic, missile-carrying: in these achievements of the seventh decade of the twentieth century, one cannot fail to see the merit of Air Marshal Philip Aleksandrovich Agaltsov.

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