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Combat Veterans Day 30.06.2023

Combat Veterans Day

On July 1, a memorable date is celebrated in Russia - the Day of Combat Veterans, which is not officially established, but every year it becomes more and more famous. Since 2009, this holiday has also been called the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow for War Veterans.

This is a day of remembrance for all those who fought for Russia, no matter in what wars and armed conflicts, fulfilling their duty to defend the Motherland. As a tribute to them - veterans and the memory of those who are no longer alive.

I must say that, despite the lack of an official status, July 1, the Day of Combat Veterans, is already organized in a number of Russian regions. For example, in Moscow, the traditional meeting place for veterans of all years, places, countries of hostilities is Poklonnaya Gora, where commemorative events begin with the laying of flowers at the memorial to the internationalist warrior, and then a cultural program is organized with the participation of famous artists.

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