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Happy family day, love and fidelity! 07.07.2023

Happy family day, love and fidelity!

What is the best way to spend the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in 2023?

On July 8, you can safely make dates, get to know each other, take the first steps towards family life. Believers believe that everything will work out and work out thanks to the patronage of Peter and Fevronia.

July 8 even has its own symbol - it's a camomile. During the holiday, it is customary to give these flowers to girls.

But what is the history of this holiday?

It is believed that the famous expression “they lived happily and died on the same day” is about Peter and Fevronia.

The first meeting of the future spouses took place a few years before the reign of Peter in Murom. He fell ill with leprosy, the disease was severe and almost completely affected his body. Peter once had a dream that only the peasant woman Fevronia from the village of Laskovo, Ryazan province, could help him.

Peter found Fevronia and turned to her for help. The girl agreed, but in return she asked the prince to take her as his wife. Peter gave his word, but did not keep it - and the disease returned. When Fevronia was again brought into his chambers, he promised that this time he would fulfill his promise. After recovering, he married a girl.

There were many difficulties on the way of the couple, but despite all the difficulties, they lived happily all their lives.

Therefore, on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, it is worth visiting relatives or visiting friends. Such meetings will serve to further strengthen relations.

"Bunker-42 on Taganka" sincerely congratulates on this glorious holiday and invites you on an exciting journey to a depth of 65 meters! You can visit a museum and an unusual restaurant in Moscow with your loved ones!

We are waiting for you in our museum!

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