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"Shadow of Stalin" Alexander Poskrebyshev 15.07.2023

"Shadow of Stalin" Alexander Poskrebyshev

In our museum "Bunker-42" there is a small exposition - the reception room of I. Stalin, where the figure of A. Poskrebyshev is located.

Who was A. Poskrebyshev? Alexander gradually climbed the "career ladder".

Since 1924, Alexander Poskrebyshev was appointed assistant to Joseph Stalin. Under various job titles, he remained in that post until early 1953.

For many years he was Stalin's personal secretary, and history was made through him. Poskrebyshev was the closest person to the "leader of the peoples" for a long time. Stalin tried to surround himself only with people personally devoted to him. And the higher was the level of "proximity to the body", the more devoted the person had to be.

Thus, the image of the "shadow of Stalin" looms before us. The power of this short, plump man was enormous, everyone had to reckon with him - from mere mortals to military leaders.

At the end of Stalin's rule, Alexander Nikolayevich fell under the "skating rink" of Lavrenty Beria, who methodically eliminated both competitors for power and persons close to Stalin.

But they did not have time to shoot, however, Stalin's secretary. After the death of the "leader" Khrushchev released Alexander Nikolaevich. He no longer held public office and died in 1965.

The reception room of I. Stalin, where the figure of A. Poskrebyshev is located, you can see in our museum at a depth of 65 meters!

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