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Pushkin map 28.07.2023

Pushkin map

Dear visitors, we remind you that the Taganka Museum of the Cold War can be visited using the Pushkin card.

No card? Registration will not take much time. The main thing is that the recipient should be between 14 and 22 years old. The nominal value in 2023 is 5,000 rubles. Up to ₽2,000 can be spent on cinema tickets for films included in the program. The limit is updated annually in January.

A virtual card can be obtained through the State Services (in addition, you will need to download the State Services Culture application - available for both IOS and Android). Plastic - at the Post Bank branch, have a passport with you.

Don't waste time! Draw up a card and come to Bunker-42 as soon as possible, we are interested.

You can learn more about the programs and sign up on our website bunker42.com or call +7 (499) 703-44-55.

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