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July 28 - Day of the Baptism of Rus' 29.07.2023

July 28 - Day of the Baptism of Rus'

Every year on July 28, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates one of the most important religious holidays - the Day of the Baptism of Rus'.

Today is a round date, exactly 1035 years have passed since our country adopted Orthodoxy. Traditionally, this event is attributed to the year 988. It was then that Grand Duke Vladimir himself converted to Christianity and ordered the mass baptism of the people in the waters of the Dnieper. The date and month were not preserved in the annals, so it was decided to celebrate the holiday on the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir - July 28 (or July 15, according to the old style).

For the first time, Patriarch Alexy II proposed to establish a memorable date on behalf of the Bishops' Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2008. Two years later, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 31, 2010, it was enshrined at the legislative level.

On this day, in temples and monasteries throughout the country, you can hear the festive bell ringing. Solemn services are held everywhere, and in Moscow, according to tradition, they make a procession to the monument to Vladimir on Borovitsky Hill and a prayer service to the saint.

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