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Happy Russian Navy Day! 29.07.2023

Happy Russian Navy Day!

On July 30, military sailors celebrate their professional holiday - the day of the Russian Navy.

The memorial day was established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 31, 2006, it is not tied to a specific date and is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July. But the tradition to congratulate the defenders of maritime borders appeared much earlier - under Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century. After the victory at Gangut during the Northern War - the first serious victory of our regular fleet - he ordered a parade of ships, fireworks and festivities. The idea caught on, and until the October Revolution of 1917, the anniversary of the battle was regularly celebrated.

The fate of the holiday was finally decided in 1939. On the initiative of the People's Commissar of the USSR N. G. Kuznetsov, Navy Day was established on July 24, and 40 years later, the solemn date was moved from a specific date to the last Sunday of July.

Currently, this significant event is celebrated on a grand scale. Military parades and military sports competitions, exhibitions of weapons and special equipment are held in port cities. Many thematic museums will work for free, and some warships will even be allowed on a guided tour. By tradition, St. Petersburg will become the heart of the holiday, where the main parade of the Russian naval forces will take place. More than 50 ships and boats, aircraft and submarines will take part in it.

We congratulate all sailors on the Navy Day, as well as their relatives and friends. And we invite you on this memorable day to visit us on an excursion to Bunker-42 on Taganka! Phone for appointment: +7 (499) 703-44-55.

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