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You can Booking "The Legend Stories" 08.01.2018

You can Booking "The Legend Stories"

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Today's recording for the excursion "Legends of History", which took place at 10:00, December 22, 2019.

This is not just an excursion, a full-fledged author’s program, which includes two significant and interesting places in Moscow.

As part of the author’s excursion “Legends of History”, one can visit the legendary Stalin’s bunker in Izmailovo, to which a 17-kilometer underground road leads. After a sightseeing tour of guests at the second point - "Bunker-42 on Taganka". In all places where the Cold Wars took place, dinners were organized in all circles.

In the end, our guests will visit the Bunker-42 tour, where they will get acquainted with the history of rocket science, see the layout of the first Soviet atomic bomb in a natural setting, learn all about the armed forces and countries in which it brought about a scientific discovery. The construction of underground special facilities in the USSR.

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