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The real facts about the Bunker - 42 17.10.2017

The real facts about the Bunker - 42

What is the purpose of the object "Bunker-42"? What can it protect from? Can the Bunker stand against the modern nuclear weapons? Today we would like to provide answers to the pressing questions of our visitors.

"Bunker-42" is an underground fortification, and it is important to understand that this is not a shelter. An object has an exclusively strategic purpose: to provide a nuclear second strike. The bunker is able to protect from the damaging factors of nuclear explosion, such as radiation, electromagnetic pulse and a shock wave.

Abbreviation of "Bunker-42" stands for: 4 is the fourth class of protection and 2 is the sequence number of the object. There are only five classes of protection. The Fourth class is the lowest, and the second class is as the Moscow’s metro protection level.

The bunker can protect from a direct hit of 44 kilotons, it’s energy of the first two Soviet nuclear bombs. The structure can also withstand the pressure of a shock wave of 5 megatons, so the object would stand against an air explosion and would be able to accomplish the task. Some of the objects that were built at the same time with the bunker are inactive, others are still on duty.

This is only a small part of what you will be able to know by visiting the war -historical Museum, located in the heart of the capital at a depth of 65 meters.

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